Real Estate

In our real estate and land use practice, we represent individuals and businesses in many types of matters, including purchase and sale transactions, boundary and easement disputes, quiet title proceedings, commercial and residential leases, and zoning and planning matters. Our clients come to us wearing different hats in these matters, whether they be buyer or seller, landlord or tenant, zoning applicant or abutting neighbor, or petitioner or opposing landowner in a boundary dispute. We also assist condominium developers in the preparation of organizational documents for their projects, and help condominium associations address operational issues, from updating condominium documents to collecting past due assessments from unit owners, and handling contract disputes with vendors.

At Lombardi Law Offices, we give all our real estate clients the close personal attention they deserve and the best representation we can provide given their objectives and the issues they face.

We have helped many clients with their real estate matters over the years. Please call us to see how we can help you.

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